Connecticut's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Smart Tech Success Story


MARCH 30, 2022
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST


Connecticut’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Smart Tech Success Story

Wednesday, March 30
11:00 a.m. to Noon EST

The Connecticut Entrepreneurs Forum is hosting a four-part series examining different aspects of Connecticut’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and how they work together to support our vibrant and growing startup community. Our next session will be a case study in innovation, resilience, and success–with some great lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in our state.

Session # 2 – A Smart Tech Success Story

One of the most respected companies in the IoT/Connected Home industry was launched by a Connecticut entrepreneur. In our next installment of our series focusing on the Connecticut Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, we’ll be talking with Chris Allen, founder of iDevices. He recently purchased iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock), the leading manufacturer of mobile device disinfection technology.

We’ll talk with Chris about how he found the resources he needed to be successful in Connecticut, and how up-and-coming entrepreneurs can connect with the resources they need. We’ll get his advice about identifying the right professional services like legal, accounting, marketing, staffing, and finance, and we’ll talk about defining business objectives and overcoming the challenges during business growth.


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST


This is a virtual event



Chris AllenChris Allen

Inventor and Entrepreneur

Chris Allen has a long history of entrepreneurship with a keen eye to forecast trends. In 2009, he invented the patented iGrill®, the ground-breaking first app-enabled Connected Home product, which debuted in Apple Stores in November 2010. At iDevices, Allen created cutting-edge award-winning products that revolutionize how we interact with our homes; taking a simple idea for an iPhone-compatible product and turning it into a multi-million dollar company. Chris Allen strategically planned the company’s products roadmap, partnerships, and retail channel network, including agreements with Lowe’s®, The Home Depot®, and Apple®; as well as business development and a collaborative culture that led to the company being named “One of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut” three times.

In 2017, after wide-spread industry recognition and awards, iDevices was acquired by Hubbell, Inc. (NYSE: HUBB), a multi-billion dollar, 100+-year-old company that designs, manufactures, and sells electrical and electronic products for residential and non-residential construction, industrial, and utility applications. iDevices products, including smart switches, outlets, thermostats, and other Smart Home electronics, became part of the Hubbell family of brands.


Ira Yellen

President & CEO, First Experience Communications

Ira Yellen has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to two person start-ups by providing marketing communications, public relations, social media, public policy and advocacy for business-to-business, non-profit, and educational institutions. He has developed strategic initiatives for companies in high technology, precision manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and financial services.

A baby boomer who was a family caregiver for his mother and became frustrated in finding home care options for his her, and realizing many other families are experiencing the same thing, he decided to create an online family caregiver toolkit that would help others become discerning consumers of home care services. Ira created The Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™ to help family caregivers who search online to seek out information to assist them in taking care of a loved one.


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